Email Newsletter Set-up and Design

MailChimp Dashboard

MailChimp Dashboard (image by MailChimp)

A regular, professional email newsletter is an important part of the marketing mix for most businesses, as it can support customer relationship development, which could lead to more sales. A recent McKinsey & Company survey found that email is still a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media. There are a number of options available for creating, sending and tracking email newsletters. Lanetech recommends MailChimp, a popular email marketing service provider with a sense of humour 🙂



MailChimp features include: a range of templates; a simple drag and drop interface to adjust the template layout to your liking; subscriber (mailing) list import and subscriber profiles e.g. you can see the level of engagement of individual subscribers; and reporting e.g. you can track how many people opened your email campaigns. In addition, all the templates are responsive – they will look good and read well on mobile devices; the analytics features give lots of valuable information that can help you improve your newsletters; and MailChimp enforces spam laws to help ensure your emails reach their recipients. See MailChimp for full details.


Newsletter Set-up and Template Design

Typically, Lanetech will set up the MailChimp account, import or create a subscriber (mailing) list, create and test a newsletter template(s), and help you get started with MailChimp. We can also add a MailChimp newsletter signup form to your website to collect additional names for your subscriber list.


Nora Aufreiter, Julien Boudet, and Vivian Weng

/ McKinsey & Company

E-mail remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media—nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined.

 Pricing: normal price £149 + VAT. Special offer price £99 + VAT