Internet Services

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To make your website visible to the world, it has to be hosted (or stored) on a Web server and you need to register a domain name. As part of Lanetech’s website design and development service, we offer the following Internet services: we can manage the web hosting and domain name registration and renewal for you, including email accounts and email services. Alternatively, you can organise web hosting with another business; we will supply all the website files to you.


Hosting  Service

Lanetech offers a reliable hosting service on secure web servers. For those that are technically minded, the web servers that we use are mainly Linux-based LAMP servers with back-up and auto-redundancy – please do get in touch for further details.


Domain Name Registration and Renewal 

A domain name is part of a URL – usually the recognisable bit such as ‘’ – that points to the address on the Web server, called the IP (Internet Protocol Address), where your website is hosted. A typical IP address looks like a string of numbers, so it is more user friendly to provide people with a memorable and easy-to-spell address rather than the IP address itself. Lanetech can help you decide on a good domain name. We can also redirect your domain name to another website and renew your domain name for you.


Email Services

As part of our hosting service, we offer standard email services such as setting up email accounts that use your domain name (e.g. sales@[your domain name]) and email forwarding from your other email addresses. For an additional £3.00 + VAT per month per email account (paid annually) we offer an enhanced account through Rackspace UK, a highly regarded email hosting business; the main benefits are premium anti-spam and anti-virus protection.


Christine Jamieson

Marketing and Development Officer / Visit Sleat

David Powell and his team offer an excellent, friendly service at a competitive rate, and fulfilled all the requirements of our brief in a very quick time. They were always responsive to our queries and we believe that the stunning website stands as a clear testament to their professionalism and capability.

 Pricing: web hosting and up to 5 email accounts £150 + VAT per year (additional email accounts at £3.00 + VAT per month). Domain name registration and renewal £11.00 + VAT for and £21.00 + VAT for .com per year